About the Author

Mariusz is a Linux Systems Engineer with a decent amount of time working with CentOS Linux. Most of his time is spent building and maintaining highly available production server systems with Ansible as a deployment and configuration orchestration tool, as well as doing good old Linux administration work. Outside of work he spends a lot of time working on various DIY home improvement projects, playing as much as possible with his sons, and sharpening his tech skills in the home lab.

"Keep alert. Be firm in your faith. Stay brave and strong. Show love in everything you do"

About the Website

mariuszczyz.com is a private, non-commercial domain which purpose is to allow its owner to post his own technical and non-technical articles as a gesture of perpetual and free sharing of knowledge and as means of archiving some of his technical knowledge for his and others’ future use.

There are no short or long term commercial plans to monetize this domain. There are no ads, sponsored posts, sponsored links or anything else that may have any financial incentive. I also do not need or accept donations and will never ask for any.

Web server session logging is very minimal and may be disabled entirely in the future. Social media sharing widgets are not and will never be in use on this website.

Technology Stack

This website is self hosted on a CentOS Linux server. The content is written in Markdown and generated into static HTML by Python based Pelican static content generator and custom modified Elegant theme.