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Linux systems engineer with 15 years of experience with CentOS & RHEL Linux physical, virtual, and cloud based servers. 6 years of experience in automated server deployment and configuration orchestration with Ansible in hybrid, multi-location, highly available environments. Hands-on experience in data center operations.

Work History

Linux Systems Engineer | 10/2012 to Present | Chicago, IL

  • Works as a Linux systems engineer in Operations team with a primary focus in orchestrated server provisioning, maintenance, and configuration with Ansible in a hybrid, multi-location environment.

  • Maintains a mix of 600 bare metal, virtual, and cloud (AWS) CentOS Linux servers.

  • Maintains, improves, and expands an Ansible server provisioning code repository consisting of over 70 roles via an open source GitHub workflow.

  • Built and maintains a central, internal CentOS and custom built packages RPM repository.

  • Provisions, upgrades, and troubleshoots variety of Dell physical servers.

  • Has a hands-on and remote data center operations experience in installations and troubleshooting focused on security and high availability.

  • Performed provisioning and provides ongoing maintenance of VMWare vSphere & VMWare ESXi 6.X virtualization of production and non-production clusters.

  • Responsible for ongoing OS and software stack updates across all environments.

  • Supports application development teams.

  • Manages end user accounts, permissions, and access rights in accordance with best-practices regarding privacy, security, and PCI regulatory compliance.

  • Works with developer teams to implement changes to applications in a development, test, and production environments.

  • Communicates technical information to non-technical users, both orally and written through RFOs (Reason For Outage), RCAs (Root Cause Analysis), code documentation, team design review sessions, and operational procedures documentation.

  • Maintains up-to-date inventory of all infrastructure assets.

  • Colaborates with other team members on critical infrastructure improvement and redesign projects.

  • Coordinates equipment servicing and repairs with outside vendors.

  • Performs scheduled nightly high risk infrastructure maintenance tasks to minimize customer impact.

  • Writes and maintains Bash and Ansible maintenance and automation scripts.

  • Performs peer code reviews and contributes code fixes to various projects as needed.

  • Develops, updates, and maintains standard operating procedures documentation.

  • Performes servers' configuration management with Kickstart and Ansible.

  • Analyzes servers, network, and storage performance.

  • Hands on experience in administration and maintenance of application services like Bind DNS, Apache, HAPEE (Haproxy), DHCP, SMTP, FTP, IMAP, NFS, Samba.

  • Participates in regular 24 hours 7 day on-call duty rotation.

  • Successful planning and completion of large critical production infrastructure projects and upgrades:

  • Puppet to Ansible migration of servers provisioning code

  • Hardware to virtual environment servers migration

  • Expending operations to AWS for applications requiring hybrid environments

  • Data center physical servers cage migration with minimal downtime

  • CentOS 5 to CentOS 7 upgrade across all critical production systems

  • Multiple PHP version upgrades (Zend PHP 5 to PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2)

  • Standardizing hardware platform from many to one vendor

  • VMWare on-premise virtual cluster build out

  • PCI compliance remediation work and security hardening across all production infrastructure servers

Linux Systems Administrator | 06/2006 to 10/2012 | Chicago, IL

  • Installs, maintains, configures, troubleshoots, and secures an infrastructure of 100 servers with 60+ Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems in physical and virtual environments.

  • Performs hardware and firmware server updates as needed.

  • Updates and migrates outdated RHEL systems to up-to-date versions in physical and virtual environments.

  • Provides technical expertise and research for multi-department web facing technologies and projects with heavy emphasis on the Linux Apache MySQL PHP stack.

  • Works on day-to-day tasks involving system user and alias setups, account maintenance as well as other unforeseeable technical issues.

  • Acts as a liaison between outside vendors and internal team in resolving hardware and software technical issues and emergencies.

  • Performs data backup and restore procedures as per needed basis.

  • Writes and maintains system, project, troubleshooting, and common IT practices and procedures documentation.

  • Develops and improves system automation scripts in Bash scripting language.

  • Plans, develops, and maintains complex software projects utilizing numerous open source tools and components.

  • As required, performs IT duties outside of business hours to minimize user impact due to system downtime.

  • Analyzes daily system reports and addresses any issues found.